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Sample of Bennu used as embebed script

SplinterGu has posted a very interesting sample of how to use Bennu as a embebed script inside a C program.
Visit the forum post to see and download the example code.

BennuGD syntax package for Visual Studio Code IDE

Forum user KeiDash has created an extension for Visual Studio Code ( that adds the syntax highlighting support for BennuGD on the IDE.

Download the extension from its GitHub repository:

To install it just extract the archive content inside the extensions folder of the IDE.

Dreamcastnoid, Arkanoid clone for the DC made in BennuGD, got a Physical release.

Dreamcastnoid, the winner game of the latest DCJAM made in BennuGD, got a physical release to be announced in the next Retrobarcelona event, and this version is going to include a number of improvements over the original release:

  • A new game mode with new pixelart graphics
  • New Music

Mazinger Z - PS2 Homebrew BennuGD game

Folken has released under the GNU/GPL v3 license his shoot em up game based on the popular manga and anime series Mazinger Z, which can also be bought on an online store as a physical 2 DVDs copy of the game + the sources.

The game can be downloaded from Github ( The iso images must be burned and can be played either on a real console or a PS2 emulator like PCSX2.

COWBOY BEBOP - Fan BennuGD game for the Dreamcast

COWBOY BEBOP -The game- is a project by folken, it was done 12 years ago in the Fenix language and was just ported to Bennu recently, specifically for the Dreamcast homebrew port.
He has also shared some screenshots and a video of the game running on the console, and announced it will be available for download very soon.

Take a look at the pictures and make sure to leave a message on the forum post if you like it: