BennuGD, which originated as a Fenix fork, is actively maintained and facilitates game creation for both beginners and experienced users. The latter will find it particularly appealing that BennuGD supports third-party extensions, which enable features such as networking, advanced graphic manipulations, MPEG playback, complex text rendering, and XML parsing.

In fact, most of BennuGD's code operates as extensions to the main interpreter, allowing you to use only those you need (thus optimizing resource usage) or to completely replace them. For example, you can choose to replace the provided 2D software renderer with an OpenGL 3D renderer (currently in beta) based on the Irrlicht Engine, which also offers an advanced physics engine.

Want to start coding? Then head to the downloads section and check out the wiki. If you need further assistance or wish to connect with other BennuGD developers, visit the forums—the hub of activity—and contact the vibrant BennuGD community!

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