In this section you'll find videos & screenshots of several things related to BennuGD such as a video from a programming workshop by Windgate or commercial&amateur BennuGD-made games running on several platforms (PC, Wiz, Wii, iPad...).

Bomber Games' hugely successful Streets of Rage Remake v5

One of the greatest games ever created with BennuGD, and a great success too. Featuring more than 100000 downloads in the first three days after its release.

Arora Rift, by BlackCurtain

Trailer for Arora Rift game, available for Caanoo.

BennuGD programming workshop by Windgate

Puzsion by Hokutoy & Amzg

KOF Flames Of Courage by EGS

EEEEK! EEEEEK! HOOOOOOK!!! running on Wii by Gabriel Garrote (La momia que fuma)

Deadly Eye, by Noivern

Malvado 2011, by Dyko

Spanish cards solitaire for Wiz, by bxinteractive

Escape from zombie city

Pinball Action remake

Ski free remake

It was cool when Windows 3.11 was around, and it's still so cool :)

Inverse kinematics demo, by ZigoStudio

Octopus particle demo, by Jekyll13


Skull by GECA Soft (Finished).

Arcade game for Windows, Linux & GP2X.

3D projects by Windgate (WIP).

Windgate's work with Bennu3D.

Pro handball manager '09 by BX Interactive (WIP)

Handball manager sim.