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BennuGD ports for caanoo, wiz and dingux updated

The BennuGD ports for caanoo, wiz and dingux have been updated to the version r333, and their downloads are available on this website.


The guys behind the very useful Bennu Pack have released a new tools collection called Bennu - Pixtudio Pack.
This new release has support for both Bennu and Pixtudio compilers, and a new tool for exporting your games to different Platforms.

Download the pack from

Bennu for Raspberry Pi

User forum Butcher has released a BennuGD por for Raspberry Pi, which has been tested on RPi B+ (256MB) and RPi 2 (1GB ram) using Debian Wheezy (Raspbian) and Debian Jessie.

The release can be downloaded here. Forum topic is here.

FenixLib - Multi-platform Map, Fpg, Fnt & Pal files support for .NET / Mono

Dario has made the first public release of a .NET library he's been working for a while now. The library adds support for the graphics file formats used in DIV-like languages such as Map, Fpg, Fnt and Pal to any .NET project (and also Mono).

New official version of div games studio

Mike Green, who originally ported DIV to Windows, announced through a forum post and on his own website Div Arena that he's working on the latest version of DIV (codenamed DX Studio).