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Bennu will get an official Wiz port! (aka GPH rules!)

First of all, HUGE thanks to GamePark Holdings -GPH, for short- for making this possible. (Go buy a Wiz, NOW!).
Remember this post where I mentioned -at the very bottom of the story- that there was a crazy idea floating around about a Bennu port to the GP2X Wiz being possible?
Well, after contacting GPH about it, SplinterGU recently announced that they have agreed to send him a Wiz console in exchange for an officially supported Bennu port!

Continue reading for more details!

Community Interviews (Part I)

I thought it might be fun and interesting to conduct a series of interviews with relevant members of the Bennu community so they could share with the rest of us their thoughts about the project and its future. Some of the answers are known to those of us that have been around longer, but I considered them to be of interest to those new to the community.

Obviously my first choice was SplinterGU, the main developer behind Bennu.
I sent him some questions and today he's emailed them back to me, I have translated his answers to English trying to be as accurate as possible in the translation, but just to be on the safe side, below you'll find attached the original responses from Splinter in Spanish.

Click below for the first community interview :)

Bennu gone wild: English speakers, Wii, Xbox, Wiz & more!

Lately there is a lot of things going on regarding the Bennu community:

First of all, we knew about a new forum being born for the English speakers. The list of users is still short, but some really interesting things have sprung in the forum's short life.
You can find it at

(Jump to see why consoles are the new cool kids in the neighbourhood...)

Bennu working on Wii!

Pixel, one of the oldies on the Bennu community has been working recently on getting Bennu to work on the Nintendo Wii console.

Today he has reported on this thread on the Bennu forums (spanish only, google translated here) that he's made it work!.

(Read more for a video showing how it works and a some technical details).

Nominate Bennu for the community choice awards 2009

Vote for BennuGD clicking here

This year's community choice awards are here and we want to raise awareness about Bennu; so we're asking you to vote for Bennu in the "Best Tool or Utility for Developers" category.
So go click on the image on the left, and vote for it!