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Bennu 1.0 coming

As the online created 2.0 web-like logo states, Splinter (Bennu's coding master) has announced plans to release a 1.0 version of Bennu. (More details after the break).

Crap Compo 4 is now over. (Update: Results)

Ok, just a news flash to let you know that CRAP COMPO 4 is now over.
We'll be updating this story with descriptions for all the games that entered the competition and the final ranking, but I can assure you that some of them are really crappy.
Good luck to all the contestants!

Feeling a bit crappy today? (Updated with new deadline)

Then share a bit of that crappiness with the rest of us! CRAP COMPO is back!
For those of you that don't yet know about it, CRAP COMPO is a game programming competition... but you must create the worst game possible.
(A bit confused? don't you worry, click on the thingie below for an explanation... and screenshots!)

Bennupack 1.5 pro available (re-updated)

The Colombian Developers Team (Coldev) brings us the latest version of their BennuPack. BennuPack is the essential pack for developing BennuGD games in Windows; bundling most of what you'll probably need: Bennu itself, an IDE, more DLLs than you knew existed, coding examples, documentation... all for your coding pleasure.
(Click on "Read More" for more juicy details, and a changelog).

Bennu ported to GP2X!

Well known forum user (and wiki site admin) Sandman has announced in a forum post that he's ported BennuGD revision 30 to the GP2X console (more after the break).