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BennuGD 2

SplinterGU has announced a while ago that he's working on the next version of BennuGD, and has created a forum post for discussing the features with the community.

BennuGD 2 is going to make use of the hardware acceleration capabilities of the new SDL library, and will simplify significantly the modularization of the language. By using SDL 2, BennuGD will improve its performance on mobile devices and have a better support for the new platforms.

Prometheon - Side-Scrolling BennuGD-game

As described by Imerion, the game developer, Prometheon is an action jump-and-run platformer with lots of shooting and light adventure elements. It has a big focus on variation as well as a slightly rpg-like story with multiple paths.

The game can be downloaded from its home page :

Red Baron - New BennuGD Android game

Red Baron is a game with a similar gameplay as the addictive flash game "Helicopter game", that could be compared to the very known Flappy Bird, but as the author says, the gameplay is much more dynamic.

The game counts with 2 game modes:
Classic Mode: closer to the original.

Explosive Dinosaurs launches Kickstarter and new trailer!

RAWR Lab, developers of Explosive Dinosaurs, have released a new and impressive trailer! Check it out:

Also, they're trying to get some funding through Kickstarter, and they will invest part of the budget in improving BennuGD!
By helping their project you will also be financing BennuGD's GPU acceleration and Steam integration module! (kudos to Joseba García for all that!)

Bennu Game Maker Bundle released!

Bennu Game Maker Bundle is a set of tool aimed to provide an integrated solution solution for editing and also publishing projects in BennuGD.

It´s available for download at the author page:

Also, you can discuss it at our forum post: