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Explosive Dinosaurs launches Kickstarter and new trailer!

RAWR Lab, developers of Explosive Dinosaurs, have released a new and impressive trailer! Check it out:

Also, they're trying to get some funding through Kickstarter, and they will invest part of the budget in improving BennuGD!
By helping their project you will also be financing BennuGD's GPU acceleration and Steam integration module! (kudos to Joseba García for all that!)

Bennu Game Maker Bundle released!

Bennu Game Maker Bundle is a set of tool aimed to provide an integrated solution solution for editing and also publishing projects in BennuGD.

It´s available for download at the author page:

Also, you can discuss it at our forum post:

Vote Explosive Dinosaurs on Greenlight

Explosive Dinosaurs is on Steam Greenlight!

Go ahead and show your support to the project! Vote for Explosive Dinosaurs to be available on Steam:

Explosive Dinosaurs: mini-game party game teaser trailer

Explosive Dinosaurs is an upcoming mini-game party created by Rawr Lab, that will include 40 fun and competitive minigames, two main game modes, up to five players in local multiplayer (the fifth using a tablet as controller), and a free mini-game development kit.



5Leaps is a BennuGD Turret Defense game distributed under Creative Commons (by-nc-sa), that has been in development for more than 3 years now.