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JDiv 1.0 with WebGL/HTML5 support

JDiv, the Java library to develop games based on DIV, has a new version with WebGL support.

Downloads, documentation and list of new features can be found in its forum topic

BennuGD .NET in private alpha, the tools suite created by FreeYourMind, has entered in its private alpha stage and anybody can sign up to test the tool.

New DivGO release with iOS support

A new version of the HTML5 driven Div-like language was released and is available for download.

The big news is that it can now be used to create games for iOS devices :D

BennuGD forbidden games

Joseba has published on his blog a very interesting article on a couple of BennuGD games that had been "forbidden" in some way.

Bennu Android template PixPlantilla updated

PiX Plantilla, the Bennugd project template with support for exporting to Android and OUYA, was updated.

- Android 4.4 (KitKat) support.
- Improvements in speed and stability.

This is the new download link, it'll remain the same in future updates: