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Bennugd ps2 homebrew port download

The Playstation 2 port of BennuGD is ready to be downloaded.

This port has the same limitations as the wardware ( and can only play WAV sounds. But can run from cd/dvd and usb and games like "zombies 2012" can run very well, and it also includes a 3D engine

Download the port from

New version en BennuPack

Bennupack has released its new version (r2.6) which is available to download in itw homepage.

Bennupack is a Windows kit for starters, which includes more 150 games with source code, docs, tutorials, and tools for Game Development.

Download Bennupack at

Monkey vs Robots (full) available on Android.

Monkey vs Robots is a casual, old-style pixelart puzzle made in BennuGD. Your objective is to wipe robots out of your jungle, the less shoots you use, the better reward you will get.

Monkey vs Robots Trailer - Slide DB

New BennuGD game "Vigoroth the delivery man" for Android

"Blabla" is working on a port of his game "Vigoroth the delivery man" for Android.

This port for Android features 720p graphics unlike the previous version of the game, and all the copyrighted contents are all removed.

Play as Richard , a delivery man like no others who must
Face several enemies such as crazy drivers , falling ponies from the sky etc...
Your main objective is to succeed all the 4 challenges.

Pix Template - Android / OUYA exporting and other tools.

PiXeL has released his long awaited template for exporting BennuGD games to Android devices (including the OUYA console!)

The template is basically an example project including all the requirements, scripts and configurations to export to Android, but there are also some other interesting scripts, as:

- joysticks/gamepads/teclados/virtual gamepad multiplatform support.
- Auto resolution set based on the device screen
- Savepath: To know where to save files in each OS/Device

And much more!