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Rubby Bird - New Android BennuGD game

Rubby Bird is a very close replica to the "game" shown in this video.

The goal of this game is to rub your bird as long as possible.
When you lose , you can then share your record on Twitter.

It is of course programmed in BennuGD and is available on OUYA and on the Google Play Store, where got more than 50,000 downloads, making it the most downloaded BennuGD game in the Play Store!

Sound Effects Compilation by Jalastram

Forum user Jalastram made this compilation of sound effects developed from the PACK 001 to PACK 010, (he has been sharing these sound effects in packs before)

The download has 100 electronic effects (mp3, wav) that can be used for various video projects adventure games, pinball and more.

Bennugd - Chrome Native Client Port - now with sound support

The guys from ColDev are working hard on this interesting port of BennuGD which can run on the Chrome Native Client engine.

The latest version of their port now supports audio so go ahead and give it a try!

Online test

SDK + Offline tests

JDiv 1.0 with WebGL/HTML5 support

JDiv, the Java library to develop games based on DIV, has a new version with WebGL support.

Downloads, documentation and list of new features can be found in its forum topic

BennuGD .NET in private alpha, the tools suite created by FreeYourMind, has entered in its private alpha stage and anybody can sign up to test the tool.