Of how Splinter got his Wiz and we all got a new port…

Three days ago (17th of July) Splinter finally got his Wiz from GamePark Holdings (we talked about it earlier, remember it?). He got not one but two Wiz consoles on his mail, indeed. He opened one of them and… [Continue reading to know if he finally did it]

Well, three days later -and after a bit of problem fixing- we have the first version of the Wiz port working! And it seems to be running pretty fast compared to the old Fenix ports! Splinter has released a port of a Pacman clone along with a copy of the first Wiz runtime here. Again, it’s important to thank GPH for their support to the project and Splinter for such a great work. Happy Wiz coding! (BTW: last tuesday was Splinter’s birthday)

First Bennu developer meeting in Zaragoza (Spain)

Windgate, one of the forum users, has been really busy coordinating the first Bennu developers meeting in Zaragoza, Spain.
Through a local cultural association called Trinit they managed to set up an open programming course on Bennu for several hours last friday, July 3rd.

The result? One collaborative arcade game, a lot of fun and a quite a bit of people that got to know Bennu.
Read on for more details, plus some photos & a blurry video 🙂

The event was open to anyone willing to learn about Bennu, and was part of a bigger event where they also talked about Ubuntu.

You can see some screenshots of the resulting game (quite fun to play, but difficulty is a bit high for my taste) and a video of the developers playing their own game below.

Ah! There are plans for repeating this at a bigger level, so stay tuned 🙂

And finally, the blurry video!

Nice coding!

New official mod_crypt extension for Bennu

As the final 1.0 version approaches, and even though Splinter told us there would be no more major add-ons, some new additions have been released.

On the latest SVN revisions, Splinter has been cleaning up the build system, adding some interesting functionality to mod_dir and -in general- making a great 1.0 release.

One major feature that has been added is a cryptographic module that allows on-the-fly binary data encryption & decryption. A very basic version of this feature was present in the now very old DIV Games Studio. Being able to encrypt data can be interesting for those willing to encode the resources they distribute with their games so that they cannot be reused; or can be used together with the networking libraries, to allw for safer in-game communications.
This modules supports encryption using the DES & 3DES standards.

Splinter has released some code examples, but recommends people willing to use the module to use variations of them, for added security.

Happy coding!