New version of FPGEdit with linux support and FNT generation

DCelso has merged FPGEdit and FNTMake in one application and has been improving it and fixing bugs since our last news about it.

Now also supports Linux natively and the binaries can be downloaded from here:

Read the blog post to see the changes and be updated:

Chipmunk advances

There has been a lot of activity around Chipmunk in the forum lately. To summarize:

Prg has been working on his mod_chipmunk and has published 2 new versions of his library and a few videos of examples in his Youtube channel ( Check this post to download the new version, where he have also explained his vectorization algorithm (spanish):

Erkosone has also continued his chipmunk tutorial and it’s already on his episode 9:

And Josebita has successfully include mod chipmunk in his Android port.
Download the example here:

Playstation 2 port Beta 2

Masteries ha aƱadido al port de BennuGD:

-Color de 32 bits 100%
-Hilo de sonido 90%
-Soporte para DualShock 2, vibraciĆ³n del mando 100%

Se puede bajar desde aqui:

Playstation 2 port Beta 2

The Playstation port was updated with the following improvements:

-32 bits Colors: 100%
-Sound thread: 90%
-DualShock 2 support and controller vibration: 100%

Download it here (spanish thread):