New BennuGD game “Vigoroth the delivery man” for Android

“Blabla” is working on a port of his game “Vigoroth the delivery man” for Android.

This port for Android features 720p graphics unlike the previous version of the game, and all the copyrighted contents are all removed.

Play as Richard , a delivery man like no others who must
Face several enemies such as crazy drivers , falling ponies from the sky etc…
Your main objective is to succeed all the 4 challenges.
Are you up for the challenge ?

Download the game on PlayStore.

Pix Template – Android / OUYA exporting and other tools.

PiXeL has released his long awaited template for exporting BennuGD games to Android devices (including the OUYA console!)

The template is basically an example project including all the requirements, scripts and configurations to export to Android, but there are also some other interesting scripts, as:

– joysticks/gamepads/teclados/virtual gamepad multiplatform support.
– Auto resolution set based on the device screen
– Savepath: To know where to save files in each OS/Device

And much more!

Download the template here.
Take a look at the forum post (in spanish) here.

Star Trek Fan Videogame – Coptron game studios

Coptroner is working on a new project, this time on a Star Trek game.

The game is a side scrolling shoot-em-up like the very well known arcade R-Type and uses pre-rendered 3D models for the spaceships and backgrounds.

Coptroner says that he’s working on many different missions and is looking for feedback and ideas on what you would like to see on the game, so go ahead and download it here.

Leave your impressions in the forum post.

Online ranking Bennu service for free!

Forum user Erkosone is developing an online ranking system in Bennu and is providing his service for free.

As he explained in the forum, he need to test the system and thinks the best way is to provide the service for other games to use as well. Right now it doesn’t have any kind of limitations of use but he thinks a very popular game may be not supported by the capacity of his server.

The service allows you to save only 2 fields (name and ranking) and returns up to 10 positions

Read more on the forum post and download the example here.