Bennugd – Chrome Native Client Port – now with sound support

The guys from ColDev are working hard on this interesting port of BennuGD which can run on the Chrome Native Client engine.

The latest version of their port now supports audio so go ahead and give it a try!

Online test

SDK + Offline tests

Please don’t forget to comment how the tests ran on their forum post

JDiv 1.0 with WebGL/HTML5 support

JDiv, the Java library to develop games based on DIV, has a new version with WebGL support.

Downloads, documentation and list of new features can be found in its forum topic

BennuGD .NET in private alpha, the tools suite created by FreeYourMind, has entered in its private alpha stage and anybody can sign up to test the tool.

The status actual of the project is as follows:

* PRG Editor: 30%
* FPG Editor: 20%
* FNT Editor: 50%
* Graph Editor: 30%
* Sound Editor: 10%
* Sprite Animation Editor: 30%
* Tile Editor Plus: 80%
* Tile Editor Basic: 40%
* 3D Map Editor: 30%
* Explosion Generator: 70%
* Burn BennuGD Disk: 60%
* Video Editor: 40%
* Android Packager: 70%
* Maze Generator: 80%
* Barcode Generator: 95%
* Translator: 95%

To apply and download please read the requirements in the official post (in spanish):