mod_gme: New BennuGD extension to play classic consoles music.

It’s been a while since we seen the last BennuGD extension published, but luckily we have a new one this week, and it’s a very cool extension for playing music from old consoles.

The formats supported are:

AY ZX Spectrum/Amstrad CPC
GBS Nintendo Game Boy
GYM Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
HES NEC TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine
KSS MSX Home Computer/other Z80 systems (doesn’t support FM sound)
NSF/NSFE Nintendo NES/Famicom (with VRC 6, Namco 106, and FME-7 sound)
SAP Atari systems using POKEY sound chip
SPC Super Nintendo/Super Famicom
VGM/VGZ Sega Master System/Mark III, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive,BBC Micro

Download the library and the examples from this forum post:

BennuGD port ‘PixTudio’ FAQs

PixTudio is the name of the new BennuGD fork by Joseba, which implements OpenGL hardware acceleration and SDL2.

The currect version of the fork is very unstable, but a new section in the forum has been opened, to keep a track of the advances and report bugs. Also, a new FAQs post was created (sadly only in spanish) so go ahead and take a look at it here