Bennu for Raspberry Pi

User forum Butcher has released a BennuGD por for Raspberry Pi, which has been tested on RPi B+ (256MB) and RPi 2 (1GB ram) using Debian Wheezy (Raspbian) and Debian Jessie.

The release can be downloaded here. Forum topic is here.

FenixLib – Multi-platform Map, Fpg, Fnt & Pal files support for .NET / Mono

Dario has made the first public release of a .NET library he’s been working for a while now. The library adds support for the graphics file formats used in DIV-like languages such as Map, Fpg, Fnt and Pal to any .NET project (and also Mono).

He has provided an example in the forum topic, and also download links:

Now, it’s just a matter of time to start seeing new tools made in .NET for handling these file types.

Thanks Dario!