Smart Fpg Editor 0.5.0

Smart Fpg Editor 0.5.0 is now available for download. This version includes the palette edition tools that have been announced some days ago, which are pretty awesome, since it’s the only FPG editor with these kind of features.

Download it from

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Pixtudio Pack v1.4 beta1

The guys at ColDev have released a new beta of their upcoming Pixtudio Pack, which contains the latest binaries and tools to develop in Pixstudio.

The pack also includes the ability to integrate the debugger with the IDE, Admob Ads in Android and an exporter tool that allows to package the game into different devices versions.

These are the notes of this release:

Pixtudio Pack v1.4 beta1 (30/08/2016)

+ Bennugd Pixtudio commit 15/07/2016
+ Android Export – Now Admob Ads compatible – Not available in this Beta
+ 2 new Android examples: examples\01_beginner\android\
+ Support Android processors Armv5/Armv6/Armv7 and X86 and Mips.
+ Support Android 2.3.4 ~ 7.0(android N) -> Api Level 10 ~ 24
+ New JavaAndroid functions in Bennu
+ New debugger option in empaquetador(packer)
+ More fixes and other options
+ New FPG editor thanks to fenixlib created by DarĂ­o Cutillas Carrillo
FPG editor is compatible with Android fpg’s
+ New XNConvert tool to convert batch+images very easy (Thanks: Pierre-e Gougelet)


Download it at
Visit the forum post at: