Lawnmower Xtravaganza: new Android game by “La Momia que Fuma”

Lawnmower Xtravaganza is a new BennuGD racing game that has been released for Android very recently by La Momia que Fuma. As he stated,“it’s based in real events”.

The game features different stages, two unlockable game modes, 5 difficult and practice modes, and integration with Google Play achievements.

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Matterrun- new Dreamcast homebrew made with BennuGD

FusekiGames has released their latest Dreamcast game, Matterrun.

The game itself is a battle between the player and enemy Seekers, both of whom are racing to find Matter Canisters. The player must find them and dispose of them by returning them to the Disposal Ship, and the Seekers are collecting them to build their Mothership. The player has a few powerups and the Concussion Wave weapon to help them with this task. The Seekers will attempt to steal any Canisters that the player has picked up. If the Mothership is constructed, it’ll hunt the player down ruthlessly and attempt to destroy it.

More information (with more screenshots and download) at

Dreamcastnoid – Arkanoid homebrew port for Dreamcast made in BennuGD

Forum user Ryo Suzuki has published his entry for the DCJAM 2016, which is an Arkanoid port made in BennuGD, with a little humorous twist about the console wars in the days of the Dreamcast and PS2.

It is available as a free download at its page ( and you can discuss the game on the forum post (

A video of the gameplay can be also found at