single.php Bennu 1.0.0RC8 out. Feels pretty much like done [Updated with screenshot of the feature]

A couple of days ago, Splinter released Release Candidate 8. This version adds support for the scale_resolution global variable, which is a great resource for those of you developing for various resolutions; like when you’re developing on a PC but really targeting lower resolution consoles (did I say that the Wiz rules?). Click below for more details.

The svn revision changelog only adds this one feature with changes to the libvideo, librender and libmouse internal modules.

The idea is that you set the graphic mode for your development system (with set_mode) and that’s the internal resolution for your game, but the graphic mode used for drawing things onscreen is specified through the scale_resolution variable as follows:

scale_resolution = WWWWHHHH ;
Where: WWWW is the width of the desired target resolution and HHHH is the height for that mode.

In the screenshot you can see the same code running with the scale_resolution variable set (windows in the right) and without it (window on the left).

In Splinter’s words, there are still a few quirks to work around, but it seems to already be working pretty well. So hope this is useful for your console development needs.

Happy coding!