single.php Bennu 1.0 coming

As the online created 2.0 web-like logo states, Splinter (Bennu’s coding master) has announced plans to release a 1.0 version of Bennu. (More details after the break).

Bennu has been quite stable for most of us for a while now, and some people on the forums have been asking for a 1.0 release for some time. If everything goes fine and no major bugs are found on this RC, the time will have come for it.

Although calling it “1.0” doesn’t really make it a better release, it is certainly an indicator that the project has stabilized a lot and gained many features from where it took off (say “hi” to the 32 bpp, they’re here to stay!). Even if most of us will continue to use the “unstable” svn releases, having a 1.0 release is an important milestone for the project.

You can get the official release candidate from here. If you’re using the unofficial Ubuntu PPA, and have updated your system in the last couple of days, you should have it already.