single.php Bennu can now see you

Forum user Grisendo -not long after registering- has submitted a new and very interesting (and experimental) module for Bennu wrapping some of the functionality found in the open source OpenCV library.

Do you want to know what OpenCV is? Or maybe you want to see the author’s face being recognised by a Bennu program? Click on read more!

OpenCV is a library for real time computer vision. For example, you can see below Grisendo’s code that reads the input of a webcam and detects the position of his face and eyes.

Example of Grisendo’s code tracking his face
and eyes in the live input of his webcam.

If you follow this link, Grisendo has also posted a sample game where you must collect coins with the movement of your head.
Check it out, here. He has not yet uploaded the source code for the library as it still needs a lot of polish (in his words) but it looks very promising!

Happy coding!.

PS: Be sure to put an eye in the worklogs for the projects that are taking part in the contest. They’re looking great!.