single.php Bennu gone wild: English speakers, Wii, Xbox, Wiz & more!

Lately there is a lot of things going on regarding the Bennu community:

First of all, we knew about a new forum being born for the English speakers. The list of users is still short, but some really interesting things have sprung in the forum’s short life.
You can find it at

(Jump to see why consoles are the new cool kids in the neighbourhood…)

Then, Pixel came and decided this stupid battle to get the first Bennu port for Wii was over, released all the required stuff to get your games working on Wii on the fly (SD card sold separately) and claimed victory…

Not much after that, Burbuee on the forums decided to grab xbox-linux and check how the linux version of Bennu worked there. It happened to work like a charm 🙂

If you hadn’t enough with that, there’s this cool idea that it’s high time Bennu got ported to the GP2X Wiz floating around the forums…

And well, Splinter keeps fragging bugs for us all to have a nice 1.0 release to port to our own consoles… Anybody willing to port Bennu to NES? 🙂

Nice coding!