single.php Bennu ported to GP2X!

Well known forum user (and wiki site admin) Sandman has announced in a forum post that he’s ported BennuGD revision 30 to the GP2X console (more after the break).

GP2x is a game console that runs a custom form of linux and is well known in the homebrew game development communities.
To our knowledge, this is the first time BennuGD has been ported to this (or any, for the matter the Wii port has been with us for a while) console, although Fenix did have a GP2X port that is in fact mentioned in the wikipedia entry.
The GP2X wiki lists some of the games developed with Fenix for the device. Maybe one the most memorable ones for some of us DIV oldies is Castle of Dr Malvado (pic shown below).
Time to start coding for those tiny 3.5” screens!