single.php Bennu will get an official Wiz port! (aka GPH rules!)

First of all, HUGE thanks to GamePark Holdings -GPH, for short- for making this possible. (Go buy a Wiz, NOW!).
Remember this post where I mentioned -at the very bottom of the story- that there was a crazy idea floating around about a Bennu port to the GP2X Wiz being possible?
Well, after contacting GPH about it, SplinterGU recently announced that they have agreed to send him a Wiz console in exchange for an officially supported Bennu port!

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Being a Linux based device, the Wiz seems like a very Bennu-friendly console, and knowing how fast Splinter works, I’ll surely be posting about the port being out in the wild soon after he gets the console in his mailbox.

This is really cool in several ways: the GP2x community is quite big and active, so that’s a big new audience for Bennu.
Also, they have been using an old Fenix port for quite some time as one of the main ways of creating homebrew games -so they already know most of what you need to know about Bennu coding- and now all that community will have a fully supported and updated (not to mention nearly bug free) game engine. (That means a lot of new games!).
Also, it might not take long before Wiz users go creative and create add-ons for Bennu that might be useful no matter what platform you’re on.

Bennu is getting more and more interesting lately, with many interesting projects and good news appearing more and more often. And things seem to improve with time, so again big thanks to GPH and everybody that’s making it possible and, as always:
Happy coding!