single.php Bennu working on Wii!

Pixel, one of the oldies on the Bennu community has been working recently on getting Bennu to work on the Nintendo Wii console.

Today he has reported on this thread on the Bennu forums (spanish only, google translated here) that he’s made it work!.

(Read more for a video showing how it works and a some technical details).

What you see in the video above is a “standard” Gentoo for Wii Linux distro where Pixel’s compiled Bennu and some of its modules to launch one of his games (Carrera peligrosa, a Frogger-like game).

In order to make the system use as little resources as possible, the port is running on the Linux framebuffer instead of on top of X, which is what you’d probably run on your computer to run Bennu on Linux. This has not been done before, and that’s why the port is still quite buggy, but from what we can see on the video, what Pixel has already achieved is more than impressive.

Happy coding!

PS: No, no downloads yet.