single.php BennuGD as an educational tool

Windgate, who is known in the community for his work with Bennu3D, reported some time ago that through Trinit -a cultural association he’s involved with in Zaragoza, Spain– he’s been teaching computer programming to students aged 14-18.

Last year, he used regular Bennu in his classes, and given their success, he’s moved to Bennu3D this year. In his classes, he assigns parts of the videogame creation to the different students, and in the end, they all mix the pieces to create pretty cool looking games.

In the video below, you can see them creating a very nice-looking 3D game. The video is itself part of a much longer video destined to some other school in Bolivia from which I’ve taken only the parts relevant to BennuGD.

It’s really inspiring to see what people of that age, who have no prior knowledge on computer programming, can do with a tool as powerful as Bennu is and in virtually no time. This is the kind of thing that make us all want to be part of the community 🙂

If you want to download the game the students were creating when the video was shot, you may do so here.