single.php BennuGD game compo over, entries announced

Our first GPH sponsored BennuGD games creation contest has now reached the deliberation stage after a last-minute time extension. The entries have been submitted to the judges and the contestants are now eager to know who of them will win.
The full list of games is:

  • Apocalypso (imerion@…)
  • Danger Quest Monster Night (stefan_todd@…)
  • DefenderX (juansrx2@…)
  • Echo (drumpi1_0@…)
  • EEEEK! EEEEEK! HOOOOOOK!!! (garroman@…)
  • Humos (orlando8nov@…)
  • PUZSION (adriestrades@…)
  • Simple Shootem’up (vulcanwilliams@…)
  • Snails Race (futublog@…)
  • Zombies2012 (gecko666@…)
  • ZOMG (ariel_yust@…)
  • Zverealm: Shroud of Lies and Twilight (quasist@…)

To all the contestants (even to those who couldn’t send have their games finished by the deadline): Thanks for your work! Your games look great! 🙂

Also, you should expect the jury’s decision to be announced by the end of February or in the first days of March, so stay tunned!