single.php BennuGD Packager updated.

BennuGD Packager, the tool for generating Android’s APKs from your games by Josebita, has been updated and is available for Ubuntu and Windows.

Between the changes, one of the most interesting is the inclusion of a recent fix for an incompatibility with the Andreno GPU based devices, which was published by the user herve_02 in this post on the forum. Needless to say, it’s an important fix, given the quantity of devices using this GPU.

These are the changes on this version:

  • Added support for XHDPI icons
  • Check that “main.dcb” is present in the given directory, don’t assume it. If it’s not present, refuse to accept the directory.
  • Try to find the AdMob Ads SDK Jar, don’t just assume it’s the same version as mine (future-proof the packager a bit for those of you where the packager was failing because you had a more recent version of the SDK than expected).
  • Only try to find the AdMob Ads SDK if you actually asked for AdMob Ads
  • (Possible) Adreno GPU fix

Binary version for Windows available here. It includes binaries for ANT and Java JDK for windows but not the Android SDK because of licensing issues. You shouldn’t need to install the JDK separately anymore, just run the included BAT file. If you have any doubts, please have a look here.

The Ubuntu version is available through Josebita’s PPA.