single.php Bennupack 1.5 pro available (re-updated)

The Colombian Developers Team (Coldev) brings us the latest version of their BennuPack. BennuPack is the essential pack for developing BennuGD games in Windows; bundling most of what you’ll probably need: Bennu itself, an IDE, more DLLs than you knew existed, coding examples, documentation… all for your coding pleasure.
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This new version updates BennuGD to r22 (not quite the latest version, but who can keep up SplinterGU’s development pace, anyway?), adds coding examples for medium level Bennu and for the bundled dlls and includes two tools that allow you to create FPGs and FNTs.

Certainly a must-have if you want to develop Bennu games in windows.

Update: They released 1.4.1 with more improvements!

Update: They released 1.5 with an improved Notepad++ IDE integration, a new utility called SplitImage, a MNG library example and more.
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