single.php Bennupack 2.0 is here!

l1nk3rn3l is reporting that Colombian Developer’s excellent Bennupack 2.0 for Windows has arrived!

Bennupack is probably the best available resource pack for BennuGD users. Although targetted at Windows users, most of the examples should work flawlessly on other systems, too. It includes an IDE, examples for beginner, medium and advanced users, most existing modules for BennuGD (both official and unofficial) and a set of tools that might be useful to anyone working with BennuGD. So go give it a try!

Highlights from this release include:

(N)ew (U)pdated (E)rased (W)arning
= Rev 2.0
(U) Bennu compiler r165(28/08/2010)
(N) New basic examples: frame
(U) fixed Advance example: PlatformTutorial
(N) New advance examples: (Sonic and Gates2, ARENAWARS, buscaminas, AgressivePong,
Before We Were Dead, OperationFenix, Screen Break Time, Wiz Shooter, )
(N) New medium examples (palettes, new effect Lupa, New effect Ondular, CarPhysics,
Testmodo7, Getrealpoint, )
(U) Update dll example (video vlc -> v1.1, Fire dll, OpenCV now Multithread version, )
(N) New dll example (LithaEngine 3D, Voice Commands, mod_beep )
(U) 3D Sprite generator V3.3 – (super cool)
(N) New tutorial (Windgate’s BennuGD Tutorial)

As always, you can read about their progress here.