single.php Black Curtain Studio’s Arora Rift

The guys at Black Curtain Studio have released their new Arora Rift arcade commercial game for the Caanoo console made with BennuGD. which you can buy here.

Being the kind guy they are, they’ve sent me a free copy of their game so that I can review it. The first time you play the game, you can feel its clear retro style that at times reminded me of games like Terminal Velocity, with a fast paced action system and lots of enemies.

Arora Rift screenshotArora Rift screenshotArora Rift screenshot

Read on for more details, more screenshots and a video of the gameplay!

The game itself has been created with BennuGD in Mode 7 and mixes 2D and 3D graphics to create all the different environments where you’ll fight (a volcanic world, the jungle, a city, outer space…).
The enemy lines won’t give you a moment of rest, and at all times you’ll find yourself flying through your screen to try to catch as many powerups as possible while trying to fry those friggin’ alien ships (you’ll need powerups, believe me!). It’s in those moments when you’ll thank that the developer included a HUGE secondary shot that’ll help you clear the screen of enemies and give you just enough time to take a break, but not more 🙂
And of course there’s also a plethora of bosses for your killing delight, all accompanied by a great soundtrack.
Have a look at the gameplay in the video below, recorded by Black Courtain Studio.

As for my opinion of the game, I believe it’s a quite cool one even if it’s not the best game ever created with BennuGD, it’s really fun to play and I just found one aspect that I think should be improved: every now and then each level the scenario is cleared of enemies and land obstacles for no obvious reason and inmediately recreated with a different pattern, making the game lose a bit of continuity.
For the rest, it’s a neat piece of software, the graphics are nice and the ship performs a very neat maneuver when you complete each stage 🙂

Taking everything into account, I’d recommend you give this game a try on your Caanoo, it’s $4 and you can get it from Black Curtain’s website after registration.

I leave you with some more in-game screenshots.

Arora Rift screenshotArora Rift screenshotArora Rift screenshot

Hope you like it!
Happy playing!