single.php Caanoo port released along with RC13!

You know it, we’ve said it many times: the guys from GamePark Holdings (GPH, for short) are wonderful!

In fact, they’re so wonderful that they’ve sent a copy of their new yet-to-be-released Caanoo console to Splinter, so we could have a working BennuGD port as soon as possible. Well, Splinter -again- did it in a record time, and here we have Release Candidate 13, with official Caanoo support.

The Caanoo is GPH’s new great console. It builds on top of the successful Wiz console, but adds many features such as accelerometer/rumble support, Wifi for online gaming, more RAM, a better 3D experience, a bigger screen… All to give you a yet better gaming experience.

As I said, the console is not out yet but those who have had the chance to give it a try give like it very much, even when compared to the Wiz standards. We’ll let you know as more details unfold, but read on to see a list of improvements for the new Release Candidate and for a photo of the Caanoo compared in size to the Wiz and the tablet with which Splinter will bring Android support!

Splinter highlights from this release:

  • Accelerometer functions now available, and examples available in the pacman and galaxian source code. jkeys.lib updated to support Cannoo too.
  • Now, if you set the environment variable OS_ID, BennuGD will use it as its OS_ID. This is very useful while testing games for another platform from your computer.
  • OS_WII constant added for unofficial Wii port.
  • joy functions fixed to return 0 instead of -1 on error, to improve error handling.
  • Wiz and Caanoo timing fixed. You can now correctly set the FPS on both systems (it wasn’t working as it should up until now).

And now, the promised photo!

Photo showing the new Caanoo system as side-by-side with the Wiz and a Android tablet

Caanoo photo taken from Wikipedia, it’s CC-BY-SA 3.0.