single.php Chipmunk physics bindings for BennuGD

Chipmunk logo in graphics

Chipmunk logos taken from their Google Code website

Forum member Prg has announced one of the most amazing and awaited user-contributed modules to BennuGD: A 2D physics module based on the Chipmunk physics library.
“What is a physics library?” you might wonder. Well, it’s a library that, given the physical properties of the bodies in the screen (their size, mass, friction coefficient and moment of inertia) will automagically perform reallistic calculations of their movement and update them onscreen.

Here’s the introductory video as found in their website:

The library itself is pretty easy to use and the downloadable file contains 7 examples that show how easy it can be to create a very reallistic game. Ever thought of creating a game like Angry Birds, World of Goo or Xmoto in BennuGD? This is what you needed.

As said, you can get the game from here or, if you’re using a Debian derivative like Ubuntu, from the unofficial BennuGD PPA.

Thanks, Prg!