single.php Crap Compo 4 is now over. (Update: Results)

Ok, just a news flash to let you know that CRAP COMPO 4 is now over.
We’ll be updating this story with descriptions for all the games that entered the competition and the final ranking, but I can assure you that some of them are really crappy.
Good luck to all the contestants!

[Update] After a last minute deadline change a couple more games have entered the competition, making it a total of 14 entries.
Stay tunned for updates and the final jury’s decision 🙂

[Final Update] The final results are here! The eight jury’s mentions go to:

  • The most scary game: Murderorz by theosk.
  • The funniest: Roñic by momia.
  • The one that took the most work to be made: RE65535d(-1) by splinter.
  • The one that took the least work to be made: Save to Tobi by bighead.
  • The most educational one: Regreso a la escuela by prg.
  • The most hated one: crapgng, crapbb, crappac by DCelso (he wanted to get his game out of the compo after he submitted it xD).
  • The most repetitive: Drajon Lol Devolución (Drumpi).
  • The most boring: kaokao by NoBrainSignals.

And the final ranking is as follows:

  1. Roñic
  2. limbo2
  3. konekun
  4. drajon lol devolucion
  5. murderorz
  6. badday
  7. wiifat
  8. trytocrash
  9. patea_golpea
  10. PanderetaKing
  11. regreso a la escuela
  12. re65535d(-1)
  13. save to Tobi
  14. kaokao

Congratulations to the winner!
You can still play the games from this & past editions at the CRAP COMPO site.

If you’re too lazy to go there, here are some shots of the games:

(Now, back to more serious coding 🙂