single.php Dyko gui library released

Today, the forum user handsource-dyko has released his library for creating GUI interfaces in BennuGD.

The author said:

The library features functions for: buttons, bitmapbuttons, textlabel buttons, scrollbars, sliders, rotarydials, progressbars, textinput (single line only), textlabels, menus, radiogroups and checkboxes, bitmaplabels and some standard dialogs.
All of these widgets have several styling options and properties, but these are shown in the examples. Also it supports different mousepointer styles and animated cursors and tooltips.
The library is somewhat modulair and has a structured design. The sources are ordered in a logical fashion and everything is commented and documented.

Here are some screenshots of the library Gui elements:




Text Inputs

You can download it from the google code page:
Or from dropbox:

For more info and comments check the forum post