New Dreamcast Game Project in BennuGD

«Proyecto Bennu» (Bennu Project) is the provisional name for a new BennuGD game project for the Dreamcast console, which is a visual-novel adventure, with some minigames and puzzles apart from the story-reading and decision-making classic gameplay of this genre.

The project is still on development, but it’s near of its completion, and the developer left some screenshots for us to make an idea of how the game looks like.

Link to the Forum Post (in spanish):

Smart Fpg Editor 0.5.0

Smart Fpg Editor 0.5.0 is now available for download. This version includes the palette edition tools that have been announced some days ago, which are pretty awesome, since it’s the only FPG editor with these kind of features.

Download it from

Visit de forum post

Pixtudio Pack v1.4 beta1

The guys at ColDev have released a new beta of their upcoming Pixtudio Pack, which contains the latest binaries and tools to develop in Pixstudio.

The pack also includes the ability to integrate the debugger with the IDE, Admob Ads in Android and an exporter tool that allows to package the game into different devices versions.

These are the notes of this release:

Pixtudio Pack v1.4 beta1 (30/08/2016)

+ Bennugd Pixtudio commit 15/07/2016
+ Android Export – Now Admob Ads compatible – Not available in this Beta
+ 2 new Android examples: examples\01_beginner\android\
+ Support Android processors Armv5/Armv6/Armv7 and X86 and Mips.
+ Support Android 2.3.4 ~ 7.0(android N) -> Api Level 10 ~ 24
+ New JavaAndroid functions in Bennu
+ New debugger option in empaquetador(packer)
+ More fixes and other options
+ New FPG editor thanks to fenixlib created by Darío Cutillas Carrillo
FPG editor is compatible with Android fpg’s
+ New XNConvert tool to convert batch+images very easy (Thanks: Pierre-e Gougelet)


Download it at
Visit the forum post at:

New BennuGD game released: Hoboy

Grew released his new game called «Hoboy», a mobile action game that can be downloaded from Google Play

The developer is encouraging users to give feedback about the game, be sure to read the forum post

Smart Fpg Editor adds palette edition support.

Darío is working on adding palette edition to Smart Fpg Editor on its next version.

The feature lets you export, load and edit 8-bit FPGs palletes from the program. Also, it allows you to use effects like grayscale and gradients to generate the colors.

Take a look at the advances on the video and be sure to read the forum topic

BennuGD ports for caanoo, wiz and dingux updated

The BennuGD ports for caanoo, wiz and dingux have been updated to the version r333, and their downloads are available on this website.


The guys behind the very useful Bennu Pack have released a new tools collection called Bennu – Pixtudio Pack.
This new release has support for both Bennu and Pixtudio compilers, and a new tool for exporting your games to different Platforms.

Download the pack from

Bennu for Raspberry Pi

User forum Butcher has released a BennuGD por for Raspberry Pi, which has been tested on RPi B+ (256MB) and RPi 2 (1GB ram) using Debian Wheezy (Raspbian) and Debian Jessie.

The release can be downloaded here. Forum topic is here.

FenixLib – Multi-platform Map, Fpg, Fnt & Pal files support for .NET / Mono

Dario has made the first public release of a .NET library he’s been working for a while now. The library adds support for the graphics file formats used in DIV-like languages such as Map, Fpg, Fnt and Pal to any .NET project (and also Mono).

He has provided an example in the forum topic, and also download links:

Now, it’s just a matter of time to start seeing new tools made in .NET for handling these file types.

Thanks Dario!

New official version of div games studio

Mike Green, who originally ported DIV to Windows, announced through a forum post and on his own website Div Arena that he’s working on the latest version of DIV (codenamed DX Studio).

By what can be read in both announces, it seems like it’s a straight port of the original source code of DIV 2 to a very impressive list of platforms: Amazon Fire Devices, Pandora, PSP, GCW0, GP2X, OUYA, Linux, Windows, OSX, Android, Raspberry Pi, HTML/Javascript and DOS.

Also, there are already new features being implemented, like TTF fonts and 32 bits color support. Mike is also making available a features wishlist here.

For sure, this is something the community has been waiting for so long, so make sure to step by these links and show your support 😀