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The following is a list of tools and resources to help you develop your games in BennuGD


BennuPack (http://bennupack.blogspot.com/)

Bennupack include more 150 games with source code, docs, tutorials, and tools for Game Development.



Flamebird (https://sourceforge.net/projects/fbtwo/)

Flamebird is a IDE made for Fenix with support for BennuGD.
It has its years, but is very complete and has support for FPG and Pal edition, and some Project management tools.


FPG and Pal Editors

Smart FPG Editor (https://bitbucket.org/dacucar/smart-fpg-editor)

Smart Fpg Editor is an easy-to-use, user friendly and powerful FPG editor tool for Windows.  It  was conceived as a painless FPG editor, to fullfill the lack of several characteristics I missed in existing FPG editors, and with the ease of use in mind.


FPG/FNT Editor

Excellent tool that allows you to edit BennuGD FPG and FNT files, that happens to run on Linux via Wine as well.


Syntax Highlighting Plugins

Visual Studio Code

BennuGD syntax package for Visual Studio Code IDE:  https://github.com/ameliandev/bennugd.tmbundle

Instructions: http://forum.bennugd.org/index.php/topic,4684.msg73319.html#msg73319


Syntax Highlight: Download

Instructions for configuring a nice integration with:
– auto-completion
– script to execute the code without opening the main prg file
– project window
– console output window
– process/functions window


Crimson Publishing (http://www.crimsoneditor.com/)

– Excellent editor, with a column edit mode like UltraEdit.
– Syntax highlighting
– Template «hello world»
– Ctrl+F1 = Compile
– Ctrl+F2 = Run


ConTEXT (http://www.contexteditor.org/index.html)

– Syntax highlighting
– Shortcuts to insert code templates.
– F9 = Compile
F10 = Run
– Execute the file «fixbennu.reg» to complete the installation (this will alter your install, so only use it on a fresh ConTEXT install)


PSPad publishing (http://www.pspad.com)

– Syntax highlighting
– Template «hello world»
– Shortcuts to insert code templates.
– Ctrl+F9 = Compile
– F9 = Run
– Execute the file “PSPad-Bennu-Install.bat» to complete the installation.

NOTE:  This IDE cannot capture console output.


Ultraedit (http://www.ultraedit.com/)

– Syntax highlighting
– Compile and run shortcuts
– List of functions and processes in the current PRG.