single.php Extension madness (part I)

We’re seeing a lot of activity coming from the users in terms of extension creation lately.
Below you’ll find a list of some of the extensions users have created along with a short explanation of how they work.

Disclaimer: I wrote one of the libraries I’m advertising below. Which one? click on “Read More” to know!

  • Bennu3D: Created by a group called Colombian Developers. This impressive library builds upon the Irrlicht graphics engine and the industry-grade Bullet physics library to deliver stunning 3D graphics for your games.
    Kombat 3D screenshot

    They also provide a terrain editor and some tutorials, along with quite a few examples on the libraries’ usage.
    The library targets Windows mainly, but an older version for linux exists at the download page.
    Colombian developers are also the authors of the more than useful BennuPack, which includes basically every single module out there that work with Bennu compiled and regularly updated for Windows·

  • mod_openal: Also created by Colombian Developers. This library provides wrapping functions for cAudio which itself wraps around Creative Labs’ open source OpenAL. Open AL has been used in many AAA-grade games like Doom 3, Quake 4 or Bioshock (longer list here).
    This library can be used to control multichannel (you know: 5.1, 7.1 and simmilar) sound systems from within Bennu. For Windows & Linux. Source code included.

  • mod_mappy: Created by DCelso. This library can load tilemaps created with Mappy. It can be very useful if you’re creating a tile based game. For Windows. Compiles just fine in Linux
  • mod_vlc: (This is mine, can you feel the hype? 🙂 This library wraps around libVLC to provide simple video playback from Bennu. The lib provides the usual playback controls (seeking, volume…) and can play videos with subtitles.
    It’s available for both Windows and Linux.

These are only some examples of what Bennu can do thanks to its vibrant community, but there are many more impressive extensions available. Go check some of them at here (google translated here).