single.php Feeling a bit crappy today? (Updated with new deadline)

Then share a bit of that crappiness with the rest of us! CRAP COMPO is back!
For those of you that don’t yet know about it, CRAP COMPO is a game programming competition… but you must create the worst game possible.
(A bit confused? don’t you worry, click on the thingie below for an explanation… and screenshots!)

This is the fourth time the competition takes place, and as stated in the forum post, the rules are (roughly translated from Spanish):

  • The game must be programmed with BennuGD, Fenix or any other DIV-like language and must run in Windows XP.
  • If your game is good, you cannot enter the competition.
  • You must really hate this project.
  • You cannot republish a previously published game. If you published it before, it means the game’s not that bad.
  • You can submit as many games as you want
  • Graphics, sound, creativity & playability will be judged.
  • Special jury’s mentions will be awarded to projects which happen to be: the scariest, the funniest, the one that has the most time spent in the making, the one with the least time spent in the making, the most educational, the blackest (?) comedy, and the game that is easier to hate.
  • The deadline for entries submission is April 12 19.

So, as this has been already running for a while there are already a few entries submitted, which do look quite crappy as of now. But don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time to create your own game 🙂

Look, screenshots!: