single.php Feeling like joining a contest, we’ve got two!

Not exactly fresh news, but I wanted to wait until all the rules cleared.

Nintendomax Wii Dev Competition 2011

The first one of the contests is organised by NintendoMax and the idea is that you have to create the best Wii HomeBrew app. So, if you own a Wii and were hesitant to try BennuGD there, it’s time to give it a try! You can even use mod_chipmunk there.


They’re giving out two Nintendo 3DS consoles, accessories, 150€ in cash and more. See the link below for details.


Here are some of the rules for the competition, but be sure to read the whole thread linked below for more info.

  • Everyone can participate, regardless of the country.
  • All games or applications must be totally new for the Wii. This implies that no projects have been submitted shall be posted on another site before the competition closed, the projects involved in the Homebrew Bounty taking place at the same time are accepted.
  • The project progress can be posted during the contest period (WIP, Previews, videos, etc.).
  • A Splashscreen will be posted april 11, 2011 after a competition for designers organized by us.
  • The splashscreen will be the first image to appear in the project and will be posted at least 5 seconds. Transitions and all types of effects are allowed.
  • Participants may submit 1 or more projects.
  • Ranking of the contest will be defined by a jury. No public vote is held.
  • The classification criteria are multiple (originality, graphics, life, gameplay, personal notes, stability / bug, etc …), a report will be posted after the vote.
  • Competition results will be posted June 30, 2011.
  • The Loader or applications that enable piracy of games is prohibited.

Read all about the contest here [en] or here [fr].

ThunderHoop Remake Contest

Mostly centered around the Caanoo, but you can program your games for any platform supported by BennuGD.
The idea is to create a remake of one of this games:

  • Thunder Hoop
  • Toki
  • Shadow Dancer
  • Ken-Go (Lightning Sword)
  • Aero Blaster
  • Thunder Cross II
  • Thunder Blade
  • Insector X


You can win a brand new Caanoo console and copies of 15 classic arcade games (Hellfire, Truxton, Truxton 2, Flying Shark, Get Star, Zero Wing, Wardner, Out Zone, Slap Fight, Tiger Heli, Snow Bros 2, Demon’s World, Twin Hawk, Twin Combra y Pipi & Bibis), ‘Rythmos 10 Songs’, Propis: Solving Aketaria’ and ‘Rotate! Patissier!’.

You can read all about the contest here.

Choose your own contest and start programming now! The prizes are totally worth it!