single.php First Bennu developer meeting in Zaragoza (Spain)

Windgate, one of the forum users, has been really busy coordinating the first Bennu developers meeting in Zaragoza, Spain.
Through a local cultural association called Trinit they managed to set up an open programming course on Bennu for several hours last friday, July 3rd.

The result? One collaborative arcade game, a lot of fun and a quite a bit of people that got to know Bennu.
Read on for more details, plus some photos & a blurry video 🙂

The event was open to anyone willing to learn about Bennu, and was part of a bigger event where they also talked about Ubuntu.

You can see some screenshots of the resulting game (quite fun to play, but difficulty is a bit high for my taste) and a video of the developers playing their own game below.

Ah! There are plans for repeating this at a bigger level, so stay tuned 🙂

And finally, the blurry video!

Nice coding!