single.php First BennuGD game to enter the AppStore now available!

Today I’m happy to announce that the first BennuGD-created game for iOS is now available in the AppStore here.
The game in question is Puzsion (one of my favourite entries in the first GPH/BennuGD programming contest) and was recently approved for sale in Apple’s AppStore for iOS devices running 4.3 and over. It includes an improved gameplay and completely new graphics to adapt it to the devices’ native resolution.
Right now it must be downloaded over WiFi but and update that allows download over 3G and and the game to be run in any version of iOS 4 has been issued and is waiting for approval.

A future update that enables Game Center integration is already planned and should be released around July.
Until now the reviews have been very possitive:

Beautiful graphic and nice game..!

VERY nice graphics!!! Cool take on the match 3 genre! =oD

The different game modes make for nicely done different gameplay… It’s great that GameCenter will be added in the next update! The dev is very active on the TA forums, which is ALWAYS a great thing! There are no combos from drops, so you can plan your next moves, and rack up the scores, which makes quick thinking good for building your score!! =oD



You can read more about the game in its main page.

Hope you like it!

[Disclaimer] I’m one of the authors of the game, but the game is cool, anyway 🙂

PD: If you want to know more about iOS game creation with BennuGD, follow my worklog.

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