single.php Getting started with BennuGD

BennuGD is a great tool for creating games, but it might seem to be extremely confusing to newcomers.
If you are one of them, the BennuGD wiki has an entry detailing how to get started, both for Windows and Linux, here (read on for more details…)

Once you’ve installed BennuGD your next step is to check on the related wiki entry on how to create a simple “Hello World!” program. It contains the basics of BennuGD programming and will teach you how to create a simple multi-process program in just a few lines of code.

Also, the forums are the main source of news. You can get in touch there with the people that create and use BennuGD on a daily basis, exchange your ideas and comments with them, and will find help as you need it, so….

See you in the forums soon!