single.php Interesting community projects

Some very interesting projects have arisen from the BennuGD community lately.
The first of these is Bennu.NET by Folken and its first game: “Xibalba. The beginning and end of everything…”

Bennu.NET is an abstraction layer above BennuGD that allows it to communicate with Microsoft’s .NET platform (and possibly with Mono, too) and run games in a browser.

Click on “Read More” to know more about Xibalba and other interesting projects.

Without being a .NEt expert myself, I can tell you that Bennu.NET allows games created with Bennugd (including those made with unofficial extensions, 3D included) to communicate with SQL servers and be played on your web browser, parsing info entered by the user in standard HTML forms and, in general, brigs you the power of .NET in BennuGD.
A general Bennu.NET diagram can be seen below:

You can test Bennu.NET here.

The other impressive project is “KOF Flames of Courage”, a remake of the The King of Fighters game for the SNK by Mr Matsusaka.
KOF screenshot 1KOF Screenshot 2
It’s an impressive fighting game available for Widows, Linux, the Wiz and for the Wii console here.

The last one of the very interesting projects I’ll comment on today is a voice control module, by l1nk3rn3l from the Colombian group Coldev.
They’ve implemented a layer on top of the Microsoft-only (no linux) Microsoft Speech API.
Based on user reports, it’s working great. If you combine this with facial recognition support… possibilities are endless!