single.php New Bennu event in Castellón (Spain) [UPDATE: added event poster]

Forum user, vectorial artist, owner and Bennu user in general Pixel has announced today in this post to the official forum that he’s organized a Bennu event in the Infor&Games Festival 2009 LAN Party that is taking place in Castellón (Spain) between the 17th and the 20th of September (ey, that’s my birthday!) Click below to know more about the event!

Pixel will be hosting three events in this event:

  • A game programming workshop
  • A game programming competition.
  • A general talk about Bennu.

If you’re planning on spending the September equinox near Castellón (not a bad idea at all!) and want to know more about Bennu, this is a great chance for you! Fun coding! [Update] Pixel sent a link to the event poster, see the "PixJuegos" and "Bennu" logos? That’s us!