single.php New DivGO release with iOS support

A new version of the HTML5 driven Div-like language was released and is available for download.

The big news is that it can now be used to create games for iOS devices 😀

These are the changes:

   – Local structure reserved
   – Mouse.graph, mouse.file, mouse.angle, mouse.size, mouse.flags, mouse.alpha, mouse.region

   – Open_socket () send_socket () get_socket () close_socket () / / these functions will change and be accessible for test

bugs and enhancements:
   – Function optimization: move_draw (); move_xdraw (); move_text ();
   – Improved behavior when using touch mouse variables
   – Code optimization for better overall performance
   – Now the process can return a value instead of its id using the return statement
   – Now the compiler checks the number of parameters in a process and if it’s correct in calls
   – This version automatically generates an object for the mouse, using the mouse variables struct to change its properties
   – Div Go license changes, now becomes MIT license (to enable publishing in the appstore)

As always, it can be tested and downloaded from: