single.php New official mod_crypt extension for Bennu

As the final 1.0 version approaches, and even though Splinter told us there would be no more major add-ons, some new additions have been released.

On the latest SVN revisions, Splinter has been cleaning up the build system, adding some interesting functionality to mod_dir and -in general- making a great 1.0 release.

One major feature that has been added is a cryptographic module that allows on-the-fly binary data encryption & decryption. A very basic version of this feature was present in the now very old DIV Games Studio. Being able to encrypt data can be interesting for those willing to encode the resources they distribute with their games so that they cannot be reused; or can be used together with the networking libraries, to allw for safer in-game communications.
This modules supports encryption using the DES & 3DES standards.

Splinter has released some code examples, but recommends people willing to use the module to use variations of them, for added security.

Happy coding!