single.php New official version of div games studio

Mike Green, who originally ported DIV to Windows, announced through a forum post and on his own website Div Arena that he’s working on the latest version of DIV (codenamed DX Studio).

By what can be read in both announces, it seems like it’s a straight port of the original source code of DIV 2 to a very impressive list of platforms: Amazon Fire Devices, Pandora, PSP, GCW0, GP2X, OUYA, Linux, Windows, OSX, Android, Raspberry Pi, HTML/Javascript and DOS.

Also, there are already new features being implemented, like TTF fonts and 32 bits color support. Mike is also making available a features wishlist here.

For sure, this is something the community has been waiting for so long, so make sure to step by these links and show your support 😀

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