single.php News on BennuGD development

If you wish to follow development news, give an eye to the Developer’s Diary thread in the forums.

I haven’t talked in a while about BennuGD development but Splinter has -as always- been hard at work to improve Bennu.
Improvements he’s implemented lately include:

  • 32bpp mod_effects support! You cannot yet use blendops in 32bpp.
  • Improvements to the dirty rectangles system: Now you can use them at any resolution, not only if your resolution is divisible by 8 or 16.
  • Mode 7 and scrolls can now be started within a graph! To use them you just have to use the normal functions but add the two graph parameters (fpg, graphnumber) as the first two parameters.

SplinterGU made a small video showing a scroll runing within a map. You can see it below.

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