single.php One of the best games ever created with BennuGD: SORR

Streets of Rage Remake -SORR, for short- from BoMbErGaMeS is a remake of the classic arcade Beat’em up game Streets of Rage.
Not only is this game one of the most impressive one ever created with BennuGD, but the guys from BoMbErGaMeS have created a lot of modding tools. Their user community has reacted by creating an extensive list of mods.

Not only that, they have been blogging about their progress to a great level of detail in their project worklog, there’s a lot of useful info there for people who want to create their own games.

So, be sure to check their project forum to get to know them a bit better and download the betas.

Lab level screenshot.

Also, read on for a few videos.

Have fun!