CyberCrisis game released

CyberCrisis game released

Aug. 7, 2017 by

Breadcaster has made available the first version of his BennuGD project, CyberCrisis, a top down multidirectional shooter where you rida a Tank, destroy robots and other enemies using different weapons and upgrades.

CyberCrisis trailer from Breadcaster on Vimeo.

BennuPhoton: new multiplayer library via Photon Engine

Jul. 27, 2017 by

ColDev has released a new multiplayer library for BennuGD implementing the Photon Engine which allows to create a free account for games up to 20 simultaneous players at the same time.

Right now is released for Windows, but the source code can be ported to any other supported platform.

Read more on the forum post:

Bennu dev kits updated (PSP, Dreamcast, ChomeNac & PS2)

Apr. 17, 2017 by

BennuGD Dev Kits for different platforms have been updated by ColdDev with new examples, tutorials and utilities.

* Dreamcast
* Playstation Portatil
* Chrome Native Client
* Plastation 2

Gamma Z – Online game made in Div GO

Gamma Z – Online game made in Div GO

Mar. 30, 2017 by

Gamma Z, a new game (and probable the first one to be released) made in Div GO is available to play online.

Technologically speaking, it’s an interesting project for the community, not only because is one of the first projects to be made in Div GO, but also because it implements neat features like online leaderboard and facebook integration.

BennuGD r388 released

BennuGD r388 released

Mar. 7, 2017 by

A new version of Bennu was released yesterday fixing a bug in put_screen().

You can get the new release from the Downloads page.

Lawnmower Xtravaganza: new Android game by “La Momia que Fuma”

Lawnmower Xtravaganza: new Android game by “La Momia que Fuma”

Jan. 12, 2017 by

Lawnmower Xtravaganza is a new BennuGD racing game that has been released for Android very recently by La Momia que Fuma. As he stated,“it’s based in real events”.

The game features different stages, two unlockable game modes, 5 difficult and practice modes, and integration with Google Play achievements.

Get the game

Matterrun- new Dreamcast homebrew made with BennuGD

Jan. 5, 2017 by

FusekiGames has released their latest Dreamcast game, Matterrun.

Dreamcastnoid – Arkanoid homebrew port for Dreamcast made in BennuGD

Dreamcastnoid – Arkanoid homebrew port for Dreamcast made in BennuGD

Jan. 3, 2017 by

Forum user Ryo Suzuki has published his entry for the DCJAM 2016, which is an Arkanoid port made in BennuGD, with a little humorous twist about the console wars in the days of the Dreamcast and PS2.

Castle of Illusion BennuGD

Castle of Illusion BennuGD

Dec. 11, 2016 by

Community user warrior_rockk has released his port of Castle of Illusion (Master System version) made in BennuGD, along with the engine and some tools he developed to edit stages for the game.

Originally, his plan was to release the engine once the port was completed, but porting all the stages is taking much time, so he decided to release it now and use it as the base for his future games.

Gameplay Video:

Debug Mode Video:

DIV Goes open source

DIV Goes open source

Nov. 21, 2016 by

MikeDX announced in the Div Arena Forums the full source code to DIV, including the IDE, compiler and runtime for all platforms has been uploaded to github and shared for everyone.

MikeDX will continue to update the code and hopes this will attract some new talent to help make DIV the best it can be.

Check the source at: